about the artist:
The Fool Underneath is the debut solo record of Sandro Colombo. Having played in numerous bands in the past, in genres ranging from jazz to noise, this new set of songs represent a departure from previous endeavours, which had delved into improvisation and experimentation. This time the goal was to create structured, simple songs, letting melody and harmony be the focal point.
Speaking of these songs as "new" needs to be put in quotation marks, since these recordings fall back to 2009. Writing and recording roughly one song per day for a couple of months, letting all critical thinking be left aside, spontaneity was the driving force. Despite feeling satisified with the effort, the songs were never given a proper release. However, none of this should matter to the listener, as this album should be experienced for what it is - 18 simple songs.
Sandro Colombo is also one half of the duo World of Dog.
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